Phantom Thermo Clip-on 100


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Phantom Thermo Clip-on 100 Clip-On Thermal Device can be used as a hand-held or weapon mounted system for observation, target detection or passive target acquisition during day and night in variety of environmental conditions, including fog, rain, snow, smoke, total darkness.

Phantom Thermo Clip-on 100 is an outstanding thermal imager with a great number of functions and perfect optical performance. The sophisticated design of the Phantom Thermo Clip-on 100 Clip-On Thermal Device eliminates the need to remove the day sighting equipment since the Phantom Thermo Clip-on 100 mounts directly in line with a standard day optical sight.

Such a combination allows the soldier to avoid re-zeroing the rifle every time the sight set up is changed, since the primary sight remains undisturbed. The point of impact remains the same no matter how often or how many times the clip-on is mounted.



FOCAL PLANE ARRAY Type Microbolometer
Pixel Count (Resolution) 640×480
Pitch size 17 μm
Spectral Response 7 ÷ 14 μm
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) < 50 mK @ F/1.0
THERMAL IMAGING PERFORMANCE Brightness / Contrast Automatic / Advanced Image Processing
Image Polarity User Selectable White Hot / Black Hot
Menu OSD
NUC Automatic / Manual

* Given values are nominal. Actual values could be within

±5% tolerance

Focal Length of Objective Lens 100 mm
F/# 1.25
Focus Manual with extended remote focusing shaft, located on the backside
FOV 6.2°(H) X 4.6°(V)
Material and coating Germanium hard carbon coating on the external surface
VIDEO Analog Video Output Format CCIR (PAL) or RS-170 (NTSC)
Display Type OLED 800×600
Digital zoom x2, x4
  EXTRAS Leveler Built-in electronic leveler
Snapshot Built-in memory for 20 images
POWER Power Source 2x 18650 Li Ion rechargeable


Operating time ~ 6 Hours Continuous @ 25°C with 2×18650 Li Ion rechargeable batteries.



*NOTE: The distances defined are calculated in geometrical values only human (1.8×0.5m), vehicle (2.3×2.3m), not accounting the atmospheric conditions.

Human Detection Range* >2600m
Human Recognition Range* >900m
Vehicle Detection Range* >6700m
Vehicle Recognition Range* >2200m

*Environmental tests are according to MIL-STD-810G

Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature Range -50°C to +60°C
Mechanical and climatic tests According to MIL-STD-810G
IP Protection rating IP 66/IP 67 optional


Weight without accessories <1380g