Thermal imaging

Discovering the hidden world…

Take advantage of the progression of technology, and discover what has remained hidden so far to the human eyes.
With our thermal imaging devices developed for use by the nature lover, hunter, photographer and many other outdoors applications you can see beyond the visual spectrum.

You will have state of the art technology in your hand for both day and night observation, covert wildlife photography or even search and rescue operations in isolated areas and in poor weather conditions.

With our thermal imaging devices there are no limits even in the worst conditions such as fog, storm, rain or snow.
Additional illumination is not necessary with thermal technology, and the devices are completely passive.

Our product understanding began in a dynamic development process of the equipment, in which feedback was used from our customers to further refine and advance our systems.

The demand for durability, resilience, and precision is granted by using premium materials in the production process.
For PHANTOM the standard manufacturing process includes – filling with nitrogen against fogging and hard scratch resistant carbon coating for the objective lens, made from premium Germanium crystal.

All of our units have video output and a snapshot function, enabling video and image capturing.
With our modern production technologies, we are able to tune up the individual system components to each other to ensure excellent image quality and flawless system operation.

We are also offering:
– Extensive maintenance services.
– Software Update and professional telephone consultation.

Structure and Function:
A thermal imaging device consists of several components.
1 Objective
2 Detector (microbolometer)
3 Image processing board
4 Screen
5 Eyepiece

Understanding the principle of thermal imaging is to understand the infrared spectrum and waves.
Every object emits infrared waves and has a certain temperature. Objects radiate different heat signatures and there are always temperature differences between objects.

These rays are transmitted through the Germanium lenses of the devices and then read electronically by the Microbolometer detector and processed into an image. Our thermal devices detect temperature differences between objects from 0.05° C.

– Observation and aiming in all weather conditions
– Increased distances of surveillance and shooting
– Improved target acquisition and reticle adjustments
– There is no limit in the frame rate, which means real time observation and sighting;

Night Vision Technology

See in the dark…

Our night vision devices are a proven statement of a reliable technology enclosed in a stylish design. They provide an excellent and inexpensive alternative to the high-end thermal imaging devices for night observation.

When you buy a PHANTOM night vision device you will receive a top quality product that will serve your needs and satisfy your demand for perfection.

You can always extend its flawless performance through our optional maintenance service packages.

These offerings include: filling with nitrogen (reduces fogging of the objective), cleaning the optics, inspection of the mechanical components, image intensifier test and measurement etc.

Design and function

A night vision device consists of several main components:
1 Objective
2 Image Intensifying Tube (IIT)
3 Eyepiece

The principle of night vision technology lies in the area of the visual spectrum of light transmission. The remaining light (photons) during the night are transmitted through the objective of the night vision devices and electronically transformed into electrical parts (electrons), which are amplified and sent to a phosphorus screen where the image is formed.

The range of the visual light spectrum that is visible to the human eye is restricted from 380 to 780 nm, after that border it becomes invisible to the human eye. The operating range of a night vision device of 2+ and 3+ Generation is from 700nm to 920nm.

– …See in the dark…
– Detailed real picture
– Ease of use
– Area control and observation
– Ability to see through glass windows

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